Oh, The Starting Trouble

We know the struggle of a start-ups. We have ourselves undergone the battle and have won it successfully. The importance of quick response, iteration, adapting to change and compatibility play vital role in this process. We being your user friendly tech partner assure to comfort you with the process of bringing your idea to life.

Come on, Let's Start Up

Conceiving your idea and bringing it as a working model involves a lot of analysis, usability and scalability issues. We at 10decoders are mastering the art of bringing ideas to prototypes. We have dealt with the uncertainties and hiccups that occur during this course of action and have mentored our team to handle them.

Experience has given us strength to handle changes, work on minimal rate of failure and improve the model by continually test with smaller, faster iterations. We not only understand the idea, but we also nurture it with our highly dedicated creative team.

Oops! The Risk

We at 10decoders help you to overcome the major hurdle associated with any start up, firstly, the skill and technology required for developing a prototype. and secondly, the risks associated with the development and the potential costs of production.

We specialize in handling them and turning those hurdles to stepping stones. With in-house resources and technical team, we aim at choosing the right platform to develop your product and at right cost. Freezing the core functionality at earlier stages of development and be prepared for the changes helps us in managing risk associated with any project.

Yes! The Working Model

The journey from an idea to a product begins with a working model. It is only through a working model that the ambiguous idea turns into a concrete most viable product. The working model proves that we are committed, and well past the idea stage. The model will help in portraying what is unique about the product/service. The viable product is going to be the selling point thus expresses the logic of our business.

Our expertise in problem solving and automation play an important role in bringing the prototype to life. Our aim is to develop a scalable and user friendly model that solves the actual purpose for the end user.

Of course, Let's Hit The Market

We do not restrict ourselves once the proto type is delivered, we continually provide support and guide you over Market Analysis, Digital Marketing and Product Promotional Support. We also support in right funding option for your product.

3 A's to Success

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User acceptance in terms of design and interface is very important for the product. We assure to provide you with the best of the user experiences.


We stand accountable for the timely delivery of the product. Adhering to time without compromising on the quality is our Moto. We promise that we stand by you and deliver product with at most quality and on- time.

Adapting to Change

Any start up idea will encounter lot of changes and we had been there!. Our team has excellent knowledge in code and change management.

Why you will love to work with us

We have 10+ years of experience in building state of the art applications.

Delivered 12+ successful working models.

Intuitive design team, Thoughtful and dedicated technical team

Promising working model or sprint in just 4 weeks.

Choosing and Applying the right cutting edge technology

Key Differentiators

Practical and Result Oriented Approach

Efficient change management by following and applying Agile Scrum standard industry practises.

Seeking Opportunity in every set back


At Startup infotech we believe in a flexible approach on the fee, thus we look at the startups current stage and suggest option that could suit them to work with us and build an efficient product. We have 3 different pricing options:

Service Fee

  • We provide a rate that is affordable to startups and this comes with a free assessment of the idea and the technology feasibility.

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Service Fee and Equity

  • If we believe your startups plays in our area of focus then we look at a service fee and equity model.

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Sweat Equity

  • We work as the CTO of the company and take equity accordingly.

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